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Outsite of ChurchAt the Last Supper, after Jesus changed bread and wine into His own Body and Blood, He told His disciples to "Do this in memory of Me." This they did. As the disciples brought the Gospel to different parts of the world, they adapted ceremonies of the Liturgy to the customs and music of that people. In the end, four great Centers of Christianity emerged with distinctive Christian customs, but the same Faith. These Centers were located in the great cities of Jerusalem, Antioch, Rome and Alexandria. A couple of centuries later when the capital of the Roman Empire was moved to the Eastern City of Byzantium and renamed Contantinople, an adaptation of the Antioch way of celebrating Liturgy was made. Thus, a new Center of Christianity arose in Constantinople and became known as the Byzantine Church. From Constantinople, the Slavic people of Eastern Europe were converted by Sts. Cyril and Methodius and followed Constantinople and are known as Eastern Catholic. Today, the Eastern Catholics are subdivided into ecclesiastical jurisdictions based on ethnic groupings. The church of St. Nicholas in Orlando is in one of those subgroups called Ruthenian.


Archeparchy of Pittsburgh


Catholic Church Affiliation

Our church is in the Eparchy of Passaic, New Jersey, which is in the Eparchial See of Bishop William Skurla, D.D. The Eparchy of Passaic is within the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh headed by Archbishop and Metropolitan Basil M. Schott. The Archeparchy of Pittsburgh is one of the "Sui Iuris" Churches in communion with the Catholic Church which is headed by Benedict XVI, the Pope of Rome.

The jurisdiction for St. Nicholas Catholic Church is that of the Ruthenians, a group of people who lived at the base of the Carpathian Mountains east of what was then Czechoslovakia, south of Poland and north of Rumania. Our church membership is open to people of all ethnic backgrounds and races. It is the heir to a Faith in God, one in the Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and HolySpirit.