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Father Sal Pignato, Pastor
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We at St. Nicholas Catholic Church welcome you to learn about our church, Rite and Traditions. As you browse through this website, you will be enveloped by the beauty not only of our church and Liturgy, but by the Traditions of the Eastern Rite of the Catholic Church. We hope you will glean from this website a sense of peace and the desire to come to worship with us at St. Nicholas Catholic Church. We welcome you to join with us in the celebration of the Mysteries of Jesus Christ.

- Father Sal Pignato

Saint Nicholas of Myra Byzantine Catholic Church in Orlando, Florida is an Eastern Catholic parish of the Byzantine Rite in the Byzantine Catholic (Ruthenian) Metropolia of Pittsburgh sui iuris. Our spiritual shepherd is Bishop Kurt Burnette of the Eparchy of Passaic, NJ.

Our Church is one of 22 Eastern Catholic jurisdictions who along with the Latin (Roman) Church make up the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Our bishops are in full communion with the Pope and Church of Rome.

Saint Nicholas is named for the well-known 3rd Century Bishop and Confessor, Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, who gave up his wealth to the poor to follow Christ and serve the Church. He was a great defender of the Christian faith concerning the true nature of Christ against the Arian heresy, and participated in the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. where what became the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed we celebrate at every Divine Liturgy originated.

The sincerity of your deeds has revealed you to your people as a teacher of moderation, a model of faith, and an example of virtue. Therefore, you attained greatness through humility, and wealth through poverty. O Father and Archbishop Nicholas, ask Christ to save our souls.

- Byzantine Troparion for the Feast of Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas was canonically established as a parish in 1981, and serves Byzantine Catholics and Catholics from other Eastern and Western Christian traditions. All are welcome to attend our services or to join our parish family!


  • Richard Ballard, Subdeacon
  • Christopher Hopkins, Cantor

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