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Byzantine FAQ

Q:What is the Catholic Church?
A: The Catholic Church is the Church founded by Jesus Christ Himself and whose visible earthly Head is St. Peter the Apostle, the Pope of Rome, and all the Bishops in communion with him.

Q: What does the word "Catholic" mean?
A: The word "Catholic" means Universal.

Q: What is the composition of the Universal or Catholic Church?
A: The Catholic Church is composed of many Churches (22 sui iuris Churches, mostly of the Eastern Rites)

Q: What are these Churches?
A: They are Churches founded by the Apostles in different regions of the world and characterized by traditional customs and Liturgical ceremonies in order to express the same Faith and characteristic spirituality of the Catholic Church.

Q: How many Churches are there?
A: The Alexandrian, Antiochian, Armenian, Byzantine, Chaldean and Latin (Roman) Churches. Language and national customs have made subdivisions of each of these so that we can now say there are over twenty different Churches of the Universal or Catholic Church.

Q: How did the Eastsern Churches begin?
A: At the Last Supper Jesus gave His Apostles the Eucharist. He said to them "Do this in memory of Me". The Apostles did just that and brought the Gospel and the Eucharist to the East. St. Peter leaving the East, went to Rome to establish the Church there. Thus, we have two branches of the Catholic Church. One is called Eastern with its many Churches, traditions and customs, and the other is called Latin or Roman. Both Eastern Catholic and Western Latin (Roman) are under the Pope and his authority.

Q: To which Church does St. Nicholas of Myra Byzantine Catholic Church in Orlando belong?
A: We are an Eastern Byzantine Catholic Church. The jurisdiction of St. Nicholas of Myra Byzantine Catholic Church is that of the Ruthenians (Carpatho-Rusyn), a group of Slavic people who lived at the base of the Carpathian Mountains in Eastern Europe. We belong to the Eparchy (Diocese) of Passaic, New Jersey, whose bishop is Bishop Kurt Burnette. The slavic people of Eastern Europe were converted by two Greek priests, Sts. Cyril and Methodius, and follow the Liturgy of Constantinople. Constantinople is the birthplace of the Byzantine Church.

Q: Who can attend the Divine Liturgy (Mass) at St. Nicholas in Orlando?
A: Being one of the Catholic churches in communion with Pope Francis, all Catholics who celebrate with us fulfill their Holy Day and Sunday obligations for Liturgy (Mass) and communion as they do in their own churches.

The parish family of St. Nicholas of Myra Byzantine Catholic Church welcomes you to worship with us and celebrate as a parish community the Divine Mystery of the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

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